Karylle talks about ‘Vicerylle’

In an article in Inquirer Entertainment, Karylle expressed her thoughts about her relationship with It’s Showtime! co-host Vice Ganda.



Could you fall for Vice even if he’s gay?

I actually have a bunch of gay crushes. I feel safer that way. You’re free to flirt with them as much as you like. (Laughs) As for falling in love, I don’t know what to say. Vice is my most honest and most open friend. People are usually very careful about what they say around me because I’m nice. Alam ko na hindi niya ako ipapahamak, so I appreciate the honesty.

One time, we were in Hawaii, he said he didn’t like my eye shadow so his makeup artist and hair stylist fixed me up and he was happy.

Another time, we were having this conversation while dancing and he said, “Isn’t this liberating?” He’s surprisingly the only one I can have those conversations with. I’m thankful that I became a hurado in “Showtime.” That’s where I really started doing LOLs. I used to think I should be dalagang Pilipina when I laughed. Now I just love to laugh!

What’s your advice to girls who are falling for gay men?

I think having a crush on a gay man is fine, but that could eventually lead you to dangerous territory. Try not to cross the line. Just stay friends.

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